What to expect during a treatment

gray_foot_massage_reflexology_photography_water_hd-wallpaper-1375926The first treatment will include an in-depth consultation, looking at various aspects of your life, such as current health issues, lifestyle, medical history. From this I can look at what areas of your feet best to treat.

You will lie on the couch and  remove your shoes and socks. This is a good time for you to relax, clear your thoughts, and focus on the moment.

I will start off by examining your feet, and then start a gentle massage, to help you and your feet relax.  I then use my fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to specific points of the feet, working on areas that I feel are tight or have toxins built up in them. Pressure on some areas may feel sensitive or uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Reflexology sessions usually last an hour.  After the treatment we will have a discussion about how it went, and I can show you some points to work on your hands at home to help any healing that is taking place. If we are treating a specific health issue then a course 6-8 treatments is advisable.