Having used reflexology in the past to manage various hormonal issues, I was excited to hear about Lorraine and her services!
After 2 children, setting up my own business and general not looking after myself, I had let my self care slide! The result, of course, was an increase in the symptoms of my PCOS. Tiredness, hormonal fluctuations, pmt, trouble sleeping and a general feeling of being a bit ‘off’ !
I booked for Lorraine’s’ 90 min rebalance treatment, reflexology & reiki. I have never tried reiki before!
As soon as I arrived, Lorraine greeted me and instantly made me feel comfortable! She’s great at putting you at ease, explaining the treatment, making sure you are comfortable and generally knowing her stuff! I don’t know how reflexology works, but it does! Lorraine and I had a full consultation and she worked on my feet to rebalance my system. It felt so lovely to just lie back and be ‘looked after’! She is very knowledgeable and from the first session I felt improvements!
The reiki was also very powerful! Who knew! Its non invasive, calming and very relaxing.
I now see Lorriane every month and look forward to her sessions.
My sleep has improved, pmt is more manageable and I feel much better! Worth every single penny!
Kind regards

images2CLG5J2S I have been treated by Lorraine for a few years now. From the first session it was clear to me that she is extremely knowledgeable and able to identify the main imbalances we needed to focus on. She is reading my body like an open book and I am always astonished how much I am able to learn about myself during those sessions. She helped me to cope with my swollen ankles during pregnancy. She has an inner glow and magic hands. I always came out feeling fantastic after the sessions. I cannot recommend her enough and will certainly be going back to her for more.  S.Parkes   imagesBF03RVWW I just experienced my first reflexology session with Lorraine and I would just like to say that it was a real eye opener, I truly had no idea of how your body is so connected to your feet.  Lorraine explained everything in great depth at the end of the treatment, which might I add was extremely relaxing and very calming.  Thank you Lorraine I look forward to my next session.  S.Tucker   For more reviews please go to my google business page and facebook page.