Holistic Shop

I have just opened an Holistic Etsy Shop, selling products that I have designed and made in order for you to have a deeper healing experience at home.



Create your own personal healing space with this beautiful handmade chakra balancing set.
Within this set you will have the tools you need to carry out a beautiful healing and rebalancing meditation to realign your chakras.

. 7 Specific chakra crystals to balance your energy, with a guided picture for instructions.
. Relaxing eye pillow to aid deep relaxation, with a washable removable cover. The eye pillow is filled with rice.
. 24 Powerful and Positive Affirmation Cards, to use on a daily basis.
. Crystal Chip Chakra balancing bracelet
. Pretty multi-coloured crochet heart garland to create and decorate your relaxation space.
. FOR FREE I have included guided meditations on my website for you to listen to, to start the releasing process.
. Instruction sheet and chakra information.



Also included in my shop are a couple of items aimed at zero waste and sustainable living.

I have made re-usable cotton cleansing pads for the face, which minimise the need to throw away cotton wool.

Popular with my clients are the relaxing eye pillows. These are great to use during yoga, and meditation for a deeper relaxation.

Check back regularly for new products that have been added.


Neals Yard Organic Shop

If you love the frankincense products that I use during the facial Reflexology treatments, you can take the experience home with you, and buy a frankincense skincare set.  Shop all the gorgeous Neals Yard products.




I love using DoTerra essential oils in my treatment room and at home. I know that they are of a high quality and therapeutic grade, which means they can assist the body with its healing. If you would like to find out more about using DoTerra oils and how to receive 25% off retail price my website can be found here:http://mydoterra.com/toetosoultherapy