Baby Reflexology

babyreflex Baby reflexology can be very effective at soothing an unsettled new born.  Just a gentle touch is needed on specific areas of the foot and this can help to calm the baby down. I’ve found it to be really beneficial with baby’s that are suffering with wind and constipation, it can help bring on a bowel movement, and expel trapped wind.  It’s also very relaxing for you to do and eventually it relaxes your baby and you may find sends them to sleep.

Other benefits to baby reflexology is that it can help with congestion, colic, teething pains, upset tummy and sleeping problems.

I offer 1:1 or small group workshops, if you have a group of new mums that you think would like to get together and learn how reflexology can help their new family.  It would be held in someone’s home and the benefit to hosting the workshop means you wouldn’t have to pay for it. I incorporate a mix of baby massage and baby reflexology, it’s a very relaxing way to spend time bonding with you new baby.

Brand new 4 week mum and baby Reflexology and relaxation classes starting soon.

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