life lessons

Life Lessons

Life lessons come your way when it’s time for you to accept change, when it’s time for you to make a change in your life and expand your horizons. Life lessons can be messy, painful and hard, but they give the greatest reward, but first you must work your way through them! Letting go of ideas and thoughts that you have grown up believing can be scary, and leave you feeling uncertain, but your knowledge and experiences will deepen the more you look closely at yourself and what you now identify with.

Sometimes you start a relationship with someone who makes you question things you’ve never thought of before, or maybe its becoming a parent and your children make you look at your life differently, forcing yourself to look at past actions or behaviours. You may have a teacher or mentor that is guiding you in a new direction. Whoever or whatever you have in your life that is causing you to question yourself and ask yourself questions, are the ones who are there for you to learn from.
Some people go through life absentmindedly, just cruising along never really getting to see what their potential could be if they only stopped and looked at themselves a little harder and took the time to acknowledge themselves and those around them. Imagine how different their life may be.

So just know if you are finding yourself in a difficult situation by putting in the hard work of identify internally what is going on you are enriching your life for the better. You may find as you work through this you may not actually like parts of yourself, but embrace all of you, the light and dark, and ultimately know you are loved and have love for yourself, all of these phases of life are like seasons they will pass and you will be rewarded with what’s best for you.

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