World Reflexology Week

World Reflexology Week

September 24th – Septmeber 30th

De-Stress with reflexology: you deserve it.

So many of us are living in a stressed state, some more so than others and some people think their stress levels aren’t that high, but sometimes by the end of a reflexology treatment, I have picked up on way more than they think they have going on. Our body holds stress in many different way, from high blood pressure, headaches, digestive issues and muscular tension, the list goes on.

This year for World Reflexology Week, I wanted to explore facial reflexology with you. I’m offering mini taster sessions for you to try and experience for yourself.
As many of us carry stress in our head, neck, eyes and jaw, I love to use a combination of Indian head massage, facial reflexology and facial rejuvenation massage to create a beautiful relaxing treatment that I wanted to share. Normally this 30-minute treatment is an add on to an hours foot reflexology, so you have the real head to toe experience.

The benefits of this treatment are:
• Increase in blood circulation to the tissue
• Rebalances the body
• Deeply relaxing
• Detoxifying
• Improves skin tone
• Reduces puffiness around the eyes

Take some time for yourself this week, you deserve it!

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