Feeling refreshed

                                                                     Feeling Refreshed
I’ve spent the last week down in Cornwall, relaxing by the sea. The weather was gorgeous, so every day was a beach day. We’ve been going to St Ives for the last 4 years as our summer holiday, we read, fish, swim, walk, cook fresh food. I love spending time by the sea, it refreshes me, grounds me and clears my head. It really leaves me feeling recharged, which I think we all need every now and again.
Getting away from the grind of daily life, really makes you stop and question what your doing and which direction you are going. For me having somewhere new to explore really leaves me feeing creative and developing new ideas.
As we head into Autumn, with the last of the summer days left behind us, I hope you feel recharged and ready to embrace the end of the year.

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