Rebalancing the Chakras

As a Reiki Master I work with the chakras on, a daily basis, opening up and tuning into my own energy flow and that of my client’s.

But what are the Chakras?

Our body is not just made up of the physical body, but also our energetic body. We have layers of energy around us that some will know as the Aura. The energy field interacts with our physical body by flowing through certain energy spots in our physical body. These main 7 areas are known as chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning wheels of light.

These attributes show what the 7 main chakras represent when you body is balanced and flowing.

CROWN CHAKRA: Enlightenment, Gateway to the Divine, Thoughts, Ideas, Thinking, Higher Consciousness, Divine Love, Wisdom, Awareness

BROW CHAKRA: Vision, Intuition, Dreams, Psychic Ability, Connection to   Higher self, Perception

THROAT CHAKRA: Communication, Self-Expression, Truth, Purpose,

HEART CHAKRA: Love, Trust, Healing, Gratitude, Self-love, forgiveness, Compassion

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Confidence, Personal Power, Ego, Self-worth, Clarity, Strength, Instinct

SACRAL CHAKRA: Emotions, Sexuality, Creativity, Joy, Adaptability, Fertility

BASE CHAKRA: Home, Family, Finances, Career, Stability, Vitality, Patience

When any of our chakras are out of balance they have an impact on our thoughts, feelings and how we live our life. Sometimes it can be very subtle, other times if you find the same problem happening over and over, or something can’t be resolved it may be interesting to see which chakra point it refers to and what you can do to rebalance it.

Ways to rebalance your chakras:

  • Reiki Healing
  • Using Crystals
  • Burning Essential Oils
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Affirmations

On my Etsy shop, I’ve created a chakra balancing set which includes crystals, affirmation cards and meditations in-order for people to start to work on balancing their energy, themselves at home. It’s very easy, to do once you get into the practice of it, and along with grounding you can really feel a change in your energy and your connection to yourself.

I believe the power of relaxation is key to reducing stress and therefore staying physically and emotionally fit and healthy. I wanted to create this set as a way for someone who cannot come to me for treatments but who could benefit from what they could do at home on their own. On my website you will find some free meditations that work alongside balancing your chakras.





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