Natural Remedy Winter Tool Kit

Do you have a Winter health tool kit? My household was hit with the flu over Christmas and it made me think about putting together a winter tool kit. Firstly, we try natural remedies and when that needs an extra boost I will resort to Night Nurse! Some natural remedies that we tried whilst we were ill that you might find beneficial are:

  • Steaming. You just need a bowl of hot water or a saucepan full of herbal tea leaves and a towel over your head. Then you just breathe in nice and deeply and start to feel your airways open. If your sinuses are blocked then try to inhale through your nose the best that you can, after a few minutes it will get easier.  If your suffering with a sore throat breathe in through your mouth.
  • Herbal Tea, my partner is great at concocting various anti-inflammatory teas, and immune boosting teas, so get creative in the kitchen, or just buy some nice soothing herbal teas to keep you hydrated.  A warm tea is nice and soothing.
  • Vitamin C, increase your vitamin C intake. Fruits with the highest vitamin C are: Canteloupe, Citrus fruits, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and berries. Time to get the blender out and make some fruit smoothies.
  • Salt. This is great if you have a sore throat, just add some salt to warm water and gargle a few times a day, it keeps the natural PH in your throat and mouth balanced stops unwanted bacteria staying in your mouth.
  • Epsom Salt Bath, this will relax your achy muscles and the Epsom salts pull out toxins that your body is holding onto, drink water after the bath to rehydrate.
  • Hydration, drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins in your system and to help your body regulate properly, you want the virus to work its way out of your body.
  • Echinacea, boosts the immune system, and its best to start taking the drops the second you feel an illness brewing. It’s a herbal remedy used for colds, flu, and upper respiratory tract conditions. I’ve been using this for years, and swear by it during the winter to ward off colds.
  • Rest and get as much sleep as possible, this is when your body recovers the most.



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