Loving yourself this Valentines Day

Let’s leave the valentines romance on the shelf and focus on a bit of self-love this week. How often do you have a date with yourself? Take time out for you, to do something that you love? I would hope the answer is regularly, but I suspect it’s more than likely to be something that rarely happens. Just like you would pencil in a date in the diary, pencil your me time in as-well. That way, it’s more likely to happen, you can arrange childcare, your work or whatever it is and make yourself a priority. If you can’t prioritise you, no one else will!

Start searching for a workshop, a book club, a yoga class, a craft club, book a treatment, or go out for a coffee.  Just book in something regularly for once a month just for you. Then break it down into something small once a week. Spend an evening reading the book you’ve wanted to start for ages, or listen to a new podcast. Have the soak in the bath. Just some space where you can have some peace, recharge your batteries and focus on making yourself happy in that moment.

I’m suggesting this because the more we go out of our way to make time for ourselves, to treat ourselves, and make new social circles, all empowers us in different ways and takes us on a journey of self -discovery. The more joy you can find in small things in your life, brings you more confidence to try new things, meet new people, form new friendships and attract more love, for yourself and others.

Love has a ripple effect, the more love you have for yourself the more it reaches others around you, you attract more positivity back, once you shift your vibration onto a loving one, life changing moments can happen. I appreciate this isn’t feasible 24/7 but as often as you can consciously try to make a decision to react and just be, in a loving state of mind.

This Valentine’s day, don’t get caught up in the hype, whether you are in a relationship or not, make the focus on you, and treating yourself in a kind and loving manner.

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