Grounding: Why we all need to do it!

Following on from last weeks meditation post, this week I wanted to focus on grounding. What it is, why we should all be doing it, especially therapists, and how do you do it.

I first learnt about grounding techniques through my reiki 1 training. I was taught how important it is to stay connected to the earth so that when I am giving a treatment or even just meditating I don’t just zone out completely and stay in a lovely space, it makes it very hard to come back into reality quickly.

Grounding is essentially centring ourselves, through our breath and visualisation. Its bringing our attention back into our body at a time when its needed and required. A good time is when your starting to feel overwhelmed with lots of thoughts and ideas, or stress and anxiety is creeping in. That is the time to pull the energy down from your head, through your body, out of your feet and down into the ground. It then gives you some head space and a chance to breathe deeply.

There are different ways that people may ground themselves, with mindfulness techniques, through the power of breath or through prayer, each of these encourage you to bring the awareness back into  your body.

The easiest method that I have found that works quickly and effectively is to imagine strong tree roots, growing out of the soles of your feet, down into the ground beneath you, through the layers of sediment and soil, all the way through to the centre of the earth where you will be anchored. Then taking in a nice deep breath, send that breath down your belly, down your legs and out through your feet, taking with it any thoughts or issues you don’t need to hold onto right now. This is a really simple exercise to do and easy to remember, try it and see if you don’t automatically feel a difference within your body.

I now ground myself most days, but always before I meditate or give a holistic treatment. I feel like it gives me a sense of inner strength.

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