De-clutter your life

I don’t know what it is about decluttering, but I love it, I love how it makes me feel, it’s such a cleansing process for me, and I feel great once it’s done. I do it quite often at least every 6 months, sometimes just my clothes or one room. But I started off the year with 1 week off before going back to work, and I had already mentally planned that, week would be spent clearing unwanted things out of the entire flat and re-organising what was left.

I wish I had taken some before pictures so that I had something to compare it too. Clothes needed sorting and refolding, the bookcase needed stripping because apparently it was to be used for all things other than books! The kitchen cupboards, don’t get me started on the state of those! It’s one of those things that living in a small flat you must stay on top of all the time and I don’t, so this is my need to blitz everything occasionally.

I really enjoy the process of creating more space, and to see how effectively I can reorganise something, thank goodness for Pinterest inspiration!! I enjoy taking things to the charity shop in the hope that someone else can get some joy out of what I’m not using. I love having less stuff and I can be ruthless with myself when I comes to getting rid of things. Apart from a few sentimental keepsakes it really bothers me how much I’m surrounded by material possessions, don’t’ get me wrong I do love my creature comforts and technology it’s the increase of other stuff that bothers me.

This has backfired a couple of times in one of my many clear-outs, when my partner has looked for something in the kitchen that he uses and unfortunately (it went missing!!!) Or there have been a couple of items of clothing that I had wished I had kept.

I don’t go all KonMari Method, although I do like how she folds clothes, so I gave that a go. That was amazing for freeing up drawer space, I highly recommend it, I just didn’t wait to see if the clothes wanted to speak to me, there was no time for that I had the other rooms to crack on with.

The plus side of this reorganising was an evening trip to Ikea. I love an Ikea trip, how many more candles or cooking utensils does one suddenly need on a Tuesday night. But because I was purging I resisted for once, we did however buy just what we needed.

By the end of the week I felt lighter, the energy was lighter, I felt mentally better, and the whole place looked tidier and well organised. It’s amazing how powerful it can be just to rearrange your living space and have a jolly good clear out. Why don’t you take a look around your room now and see what you can mentally list in 60 seconds that could go to a new home.

As well as the physical objects I think we can declutter lots of areas of our life, anything that isn’t bringing us joy any more should go. Emotions, feelings & experiences that we are holding onto that don’t serve us purpose now should be released to make room for things that make us happy.

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