Kikki K planner review

This is slightly off topic for me, but I want to share my love of Kikki K products. I recently purchased their gorgeous baby blue large planner, as I’m a list and organiser type person. I LOVE IT.

Firstly it wasn’t a whim  buy, I took a long time to choose what I thought would be ideal for me, and I have never spent that much on a diary or organiser before, so it had to be right. Secondly I love the Kikki K store in Kingston, London. It’s big, bright, tidy, organised, super friendly staff on all the occasions that I’ve ventured inside, and it just feels classy.

Once deciding on the size it came down to zip or popper, and blue or pink & grey. I loved the pink and grey zipped one, but I thought the opened sides gave it more flexibility to stick more stuff inside! And the large popper planner was  plain baby pink which isn’t “me” so I opted for the blue one, and I’m happy with my choice.

It works as a full life planner for me, I’m a self employed complementary therapist so I have designed my own work diary section, and use the kikki k one as a personal diary alongside my working week, which is what I’ve found works well for me. I can see both at once which is handy for when I’m booking in clients.

I am able to input all my business expenses, monthly turnover, and tax information in one section to keep on top of it all, and look at it regularly rather then filled away and ignored! And use the other tabs for personal expenses, new projects, anniversaries etc.

I feel much more organised using it, I stick a to do list at the beginning of every week, anything that wasn’t  done the week before gets transferred over and I can keep on top of things.

I bought the sticker pack to enable me to design my own tab pages and make it unique, and I also bought 5 clear envelopes to stick random bits of paper, receipts, and cut outs in.

Its been nice to grab just planner and my iPad, and go and sit in a cafe, enjoy a coffee and get some paperwork done, knowing everything that I need is all in one place. Win win for me!

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